Bemoaning the bare spots, weeds, or otherwise lackluster appearance of your lawn? While healthy and beautiful lawns and gardens are highly desirable, many people don’t know how to properly care for them. Forever Green of Charleston is available with Certified Landscape Technicians to help you nurse your turf back to health and keep it as aesthetically pleasing as it can be!

We have been serving the Charleston area for almost two decades with reliable landscaping services that can transform the look of your lawn. Our skilled staff are highly experienced with the types of turf grass prevalent in the area, giving them the knowledge necessary to properly establish turf, maintain it, and diagnose and resolve issues that keep it from looking its best. In addition, they are qualified in the use of chemical applications that can prevent pests and disease and the implementation of custom fertilization programs for all kinds of properties.

Chemical Applications for Disease, Fungus, & Pest Control

Grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers – any kind of plant, really – can succumb to diseases, harmful fungi, and pests that may ruin their aesthetics or even kill them outright. Without a professional, it’s often impossible to properly diagnose (let alone treat) such issues. Our expert staff can conduct an inspection of your lawn and garden to identify problems with your plants and recommend a treatment plant to get you back on track. In addition to our chemical applications for treatment, we can also implement preventative measures to help protect your lawn and garden from future pesky threats.

Lawn & Landscape Fertilization Services

The fertilization needs of your lawn and landscaping can vary greatly depending on certain conditions. Between the species of turf grass present, your soil type, the amount of sunlight that your property gets, and various other factors, your fertilization needs will be highly individual. Our Certified Landscape Technicians will conduct tests to determine the perfect blend of professional-grade formulas and fertilizations to keep your lawn and landscaping healthy and vibrant for years to come. We’ll also implement a fertilization schedule that will be optimal for your plants’ unique needs.

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At Forever Green of Charleston, we’ve worked hard to create a reputation for customer satisfaction. Our friendly, prompt, and professional staff will be sure to create customized fertilization and chemical application plans for your property’s individual needs. Contact us online or call 843-884-5221 today to get a free estimate today!