Some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces create a perfect blend of hardscape and softscape — areas of pristine nature and built-in form and functionality. Get commercial hardscape services in Charleston, South Carolina, from Forever Green of Charleston and transform your landscape into an outdoor oasis.

Commercial Hardscapes in Charleston

Forever Green of Charleston’s Commercial Hardscape Services include patios, walkways, stone walls, and more to help you better enjoy your outdoor space at your office park, retail shopping center, industrial complex, or multi-family housing complex.

Built In Outdoor Seating

If you’re looking for a local company to install outdoor seating, walls, or a beautiful outdoor feature, Forever Green of Charleston has you covered with outdoor seating installation services and other commercial hardscaping services. Adding outdoor seating is a great way to encourage others to enjoy the outdoors and perfect for use while entertaining guests.

Patios & Walkways

Creating stone and paver paths and patios outside your housing complex or retail shopping center is easy with Forever Green of Charleston. Simply give us a call at (843) 884-5221 to discuss how we can help with your commercial hardscape needs today.

Hardscape Services for Commercial Properties

Forever Green of Charleston provides hardscape and landscaping services to commercial properties including multi-family housing complexes, retail shopping centers, industrial parks, office parks, among other commercial locations.

Benefits of Hardscapes

Hardscaping is a great way of diversifying any outdoor landscape but it can also serve some practical purposes as well. Hardscaping can open up stone pathways to direct the flow of traffic, stone walls to delineate specific areas, or extra seating to accommodate guests or areas where people commonly gather.

Additional Commercial Hardscaping & Landscaping Services

Hardscapes are just one of the many services provided by Forever Green of Charleston to commercial locations throughout Charleston County. In addition to hardscapes, Forever Green also offers:

Tree Services
Commercial Landscaping Services
Irrigation & Drainage Services
Chemical Applications

Get a Free Quote from Forever Green of Charleston

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