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Forever Green of Charleston | 5 Common Lawn Care Problems

The 5 Common “Pests” of Lawn Care, and How Do You Prevent Them?

Ah, the lawn of your dreams. A place to relax, entertain, love and enjoy. We will going over some ideas that stemmed from recent trends. One thing has not changed though, that people love their yard and the way it looks! Whether to impress friends, family, or yourself, we are sure you have heard of some issues that stem from your lawn and Forever Green would like to protect you from having these common issues!

1. Sunlight. Depending on your type of grass, your lawn might need more or less sun. Yet if there is a lack of nutrition from the sun, the best way is to either cut away branches or plants blocking that part of your lawn from getting sunlight exposure. Another way of dealing with this issue is to replace the grass that needs either more or less sunlight with the same looking, but have opposite needs!


2. Patches of Grass. These dead patches of grass are destructive to your lawn’s growth, but with the proper process, you can get your lawn back to looking Forever Green (or let us do the job for you!). First, to fix this problem you will want to dig up the dead patches and replace them with new sod or seeds if you planted the grass yourself. If you are not sure, take a chunk of grass from a piece of sod and plant it where you want it to grow. For a little while, you will need to consistently water until the grass grows evenly with your healthy grass. A good idea to help the newly plated grass retain its moisture is to lay mulch over it because of its ability to slow the evaporation process significantly.

3. Weeds. You see them everywhere you go! With hundreds of weeds growing in your grass and in your gardens, and the soil holding many more, if not taken care of at least once a month, results of weeds can be devastating causing brown patches, or killing your plants. To prevent these nasty looking weeds from popping up everywhere, it is always good to get in the habit of picking them and applying fertilizers and weed killers (not recommended near trees, food, or healthy plants).


4. Pesky Grubs. Grubs go hand in hand with creating dead patches of grass in your lawn because of their incessant feasting on roots when they hatch and become adult beetles (June Bugs and Japanese Beetles). To prevent these sneaky pests from destroying your lawn, it is best to use pesticides consistently to prevent young larvae from eating.  Digging up your grass once in a while (preferably small chunks) to reveal if there are any grubs in the soil is also a good way to dispose of them, putting them in a can of sudsy water and disposing of them properly.

5.  Chinch Bugs. These pests cause irregular dry spots throughout your lawn that change the color of grass from green to yellow, and then brown. They do this by sucking juice from the grass blades, which it looks as if the grass has been “drought-stressed”. A good way to keep them from invading your lawn any more, Aerating and insecticides work well against them.

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your terrain or plants, give Forever Green a call at (843) 884-5221! We make sure you are protected and that your grass stays looking Forever Green!

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